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Capsiplex sport review – Can you reduce and improve energy levels?

Capsiplex Sport is a great fat burner that can increase your ability burn off the calories while increasing function and alertness at the same time. Made by reputable Bauer Nutrition, this product claims that it can help you burn off the fat by just taking 1 pill a day. Here at Supplement Reality, we will go over every single ingredient in this Capsiplex Sport review and find out if they truly do what they claim.

*Side note* I thought the name stood for the fact that it’s found in a capsule. BUT low and behold, it had to do with the main ingredient found inside that helps you burn fat, Capsicum extract.

Claims Of Capsiplex Sport

Their first claim is that Capsiplex Sports main ingredient source is natural. The main ingredient comes from hot red peppers, a staple in our diets for hundreds of years. Using a new technology to makes sure that you get all the thermogenic effects of eating hot peppers without the burn on both ends. Another claim is that using their product led to an increased 278 calories burned over the course of one workout. They also state that you will burn up to 12X more calories for one hour after exercise. Capsiplex Sport states that it will reduce your appetite, and keep your energy levels high at the same time. With such bold and precise claims, let’s see if they can stand up to the science.

How Does it work?

Capsiplex Sport claims to work through their ability to to use the thermogenic effects of hot peppers. Most of us have eaten hot peppers and broke out into a sweat. We have eaten them to realize that it’s about to make us explode from the heat. They also say that this same effect can lead to an increase in the amount of calories we burn. Capsiplex also states that Capsaicinoids found in the hot pepper are the cause of the “heat”. Capsaicinoids can also suppress appetite effectively.

A study showing an increase of calories burned by 278 calories is very exact. They got this information from a small clinical study that was completed by the University of Oklahoma. This found that the overall effect on subjects led to 278 calories burned over the average on placebo. This is a great indicator that capsiplex Sport has a promising possibility to promote fat loss.

Another interesting part of capsiplex is actually in the capsule itself. They say that there is equivalent of 10 GRAMs of red hot peppers inside each pill. Just think about the effect that would have to your stomach. They have a slow and controlled release covering on each pill. This slows the release of the Capsicum from giving you stomach plus other problems down the line. It’s so effective that it leaves you feeling completely normal and with no unpleasant feelings

Ingredients In The Formula

#1 Caffeine Anhydrous

One of the claims from Capsiplex is that they are an effective appetite suppressant as well as an energy booster. Here are Supplement Reality we are well aware of how Caffeine, the most used energy booster in the world, has an effect on energy levels and appetite suppressing. That’s why when you drink a cup of coffee, you feel like you wake up more in the morning, and why a large amount of coffee can lead to lower hunger feelings.

#2 Capsicum Extract

This is of course the main ingredient behind Capsiplex Sport. This is where the “heat” is located. This is the main ingredients in this fat burner that separates it from the rest of the common fat burners. It was shown by the University of Oklahoma to work through a clinical trial. In fact, you can even feel the thermogenic effects of hot foods through reactions such as sweating and turning red. This is provided in a pill in a noninvasive way that provides the thermogenic benefits while stopping the uncomfortable sweats and heat.

#3 Niacin

Also known as Vitamin B3, niacin in useful in giving your body and extra boost of energy, while making the body burn energy more efficiently by protein synthesis, use of glucose and regulating fat levels in the blood.

#4 Piperine

Perhaps the most effective ingredient on this list, Piperine is the extract of black pepper that helps increase the bioavailability of all the ingredients found in capsiplex Sport. Piperine also helps regulate the function of the ingredients in the blood and liver to make them useful in the right places.

Final Review And Feedback

Capsiplex Sport is a supplement that has promising effects on weight loss with science and clinical trials to back up their claims. It’s great to see a fat burner that uses new ingredients as a way to help with weight loss. Capsiplex Sport should work much better than your basic fat burner with a ton of caffeine. The inclusion of Capsicum Extract should provide better thermogenic effects. On top of this, the Piperine should help lead to a higher bioavailability of all the other ingredients. Overall, this should be a potent and effective fat burner. Supplement Reality gives this a thumbs up and recommends it for our readers.


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